Scrile Connect for Health & Wellness Consultants

Deliver exclusive video content to your fans and establish a reliable recurring revenue stream beyond ads. Get in touch with your most loyal viewers and give them a place to connect, build community, and interact more deeply with your video content.

How it Works

1. Create your page

Sign up on the platform and fill in your bio with the services provided.

2. Schedule your work

Set up your time available for consultations and give access to your booking calendar.

3. Start earning money

Earn money on live sessions, monthly packages, text consultations, media files, etc.

Why Health Consultants should use Scrile Connect?

Provide accessible and affordable service

Give people creative solutions for their healthy lifestyle

Get rid of geographical limits

Features for Health Consultants

Live consultations with time schedule

Paid media files on monthly or one-time fee basis

Paid text chat for Q&A sessions

Mass live training and webinars

Start your own platform for health consultants

and establish a recurring revenue stream on your own membership business

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