We keep Changelog to make it easier for our clients to see what updates and new features have been developed between each release of Scrile Connect


Sprint 31

29/Sep/20 - 13/Oct/20
  • Badge notification count to show users the number of unread message and missed calls 
  • Technological advancement of CI/CD for daily automated testing of visual components for stable performance of Enterprise customized platforms
  • Visual display of free and paid posts for creator in profile page
  • Ability to search transactions by description in admin dashboard 
  • Technical improvement of automated installation and update of domain name 
  • Optimization of converting process of video and audio files 
  • Scrile Connect Pro plan features and advantages description before upgrade 
  • Option to turn back from log in/sign up window to the home page

Sprint 30

15/Sep/20 - 29/Sep/20
  • Email receipts about transactions and refunds to member’s credit card 
  • Extension for the further integration of other payment systems such as CCBill, PayPal, Stripe etc. 
  • New improved per minute billing payment flow for calls
  • Resend customer information to the payment system after each spending
  • Referral program minor improvements and bug fixes

Sprint 29

1/Sep/20 - 15/Sep/20
  • Process transaction for a call at the time when recipient accepts incoming call
  • Customizable site name and title in admin dashboard 
  • Drag and drop support while creating a media post
  • Updated payout form settings in Become a creator section
  • New improved follow/unfollow flow interface in user profile 
  • Technical optimization and platform infrastructure improvement

Sprint 28

18/Aug/20 - 1/Sep/20
  • Option to create and manage content on a new page in built-in CMS
  • Push notification emulation about incoming messages in the platform 
  • Email notifications about new unread messages to encourage users to get back to the platform
  • Ability to upgrade subscription plan to Professional from admin dashboard
  • New improved profile design with posts, followers and following statistics
  • Optimization of billing system for calls to reduce payment fees

Sprint 27

4/Aug/20 - 18/Aug/20
  • Store data backups in database to recover updates in case of data loss or corruption
  • Credit card authorization without $0.1 withdrawal from card balance 
  • Improvement of frontend integration process and delivery of updates to client sites for a high performance 
  • Optimization of requests to the backend to reduce the amount of data between server and client

Sprint 26

21/July/20 - 4/Aug/20
  • Option to set up your own domain name in admin backend 
  • Ability to observe and manage followers and following 
  • Organized site settings in admin backend 
  • Display converting progress and publish post when converting is over 
  • Price and purchase status for paid attachments in message history 
  • Show only content of verified creators on discovery page 
  • Visual editor bug fixes and improvements 

Sprint 25

7/July/20 - 21/July/20
  • Site customization feature to edit landing page design
  • Option to edit text on pages 
  • Validate social network accounts to display username on page
  • Option to search users by their username in Admin
  • Ability to suggest a new feature in community
  • Option to disable incoming calls for creators

Sprint 24

23/June/20 - 7/July/20
  • Option to upgrade subscription plan from $10/month to $500/month in admin 
  • Ability to change domain name for Pro subscription plan
  • Option to cancel subscription on Paypal
  • Following steps explanation after adding credit card information
  • Validate profile URL
  • Landing page mobile design 
  • Limit username with 30 characters
  • Limit credit card length with 16 symbols 
  • Optimize video player on iOS and Android

Sprint 23

9/June/20 - 23/June/20
  • Display online status
  • Option to schedule publish date of posts
  • Save and display scheduled post 
  • Ability to manage profile info as admin
  • Scrile Connect Landing page design
  • Optimize vertically orientated pictures for the feed length
  • Mark message as read
  • Site load and speed optimization
  • Domain validation adjustments

Sprint 22

26/May/20 - 9/June/20
  • Option for users to report post with inappropriate content
  • Automated Installation of new website after payment 
  • Send admin access credentials after purchase by email 
  • Terminate website with expired invoice
  • Ability to purchase the platform on site 
  • Validate subdomain on buy now page
  • Organise sidebar menu for creators and members 
  • Motivate members to subscribe on subscription management page
  • Generate admin password randomly

Sprint 21

12/May/20 - 26/May/20
  • Option to send verification code and verify user account from admin
  • Validate URL for event link
  • Content creator agreement for publishing sensitive content
  • Ability to create mixed content posts with different media files
  • Display mixed content posts for users
  • Option to add cover to mixed content posts
  • 10 influencer page limit feature for starter plan
  • Formatted text for captions
  • Confirm Terms and Conditions on add credit card page
  • Ability to send message by enter button
  • Sort out items for posts with purchased access 

Sprint 20

21/Apr/20 - 12/May/20
  • Ability to edit post 
  • Save original names for PDF files 
  • Set price or subscription level access to post 
  • Ability to create and save draft post 
  • Option to delete and add more files to the draft post
  • Pre-upload files when selecting from device storage
  • Display user purchased subscriptions for admin 
  • URL integration for Event post type
  • Display audio and video file duration
  • Option to set preview files for post

Sprint 19

7/Apr/20 - 21/Apr/20
  • Option to create Event posts with integrated meeting links
  • Ability to purchase access to the event post 
  • Publish and display free posts without subscription levels
  • Keep log in sessions active
  • Subscription list with rebill amounts and dates 
  • Option to cancel rebill for subscription
  • Ability to buy multiple subscriptions from a single user
  • Sensitive content settings in user profile
  • Display actual follow/subscription status on profile page

Sprint 18

24/Mar/20 - 7/Apr/20
  • Pay-per-minute pricing packages setting
  • Ability to set up private call price
  • Option to choose and set categories from the list for profile content 
  • Display categories in the Discovery section for users
  • Notification on sensitive content in profile 
  • Ability to post free content for users on non-subscription basis
  • Video icon preview for video files
  • Billing integration for private calls
  • Private call transactions in spending history

Sprint 17

10/Mar/20 - 24/Mar/20
  • Option to invite friends by sharing a referral link
  • Ability to sign up in the platform using a referral link 
  • Referral users list sorted by sign up date
  • Ability to check referral commission payouts history
  • Integration of legal documents
  • Change of color theme in design layout 

Sprint 16

25/Feb/20 - 10/Mar/20
  • Missed call notifications by email and in message history
  • Notifications on call end due to connection errors
  • Ability to add video preview cover
  • Option to start live video during a private call
  • Option to accept video broadcasting by the receiver 
  • Integration of site policies and terms of use 
  • Predefined price packages for a new website 
  • Profile information auto-fill from social media accounts 

Sprint 15

11/Feb/20 - 25/Feb/20
  • Private voice call feature 
  • Ability to accept/cancel incoming call
  • Private video call feature
  • User balance history of spendings and earnings 
  • Personalized profile URL 
  • Option to add website link to the bio 
  • More social media account links: YouTube, Snapchat, OnlyFans, Patreon, Instagram, TikTok
  • Ability to upload PDF file in admin side

Sprint 14

28/Jan/20 - 11/Feb/20
  • Responsive desktop interface design 
  • Option to delete posts
  • Discover feed with random posts 
  • Notifications for account activity, new likes, followers, subscription purchases 
  • Integration with WebRTC server for live streaming
  • Ability to create PDF content sets
  • Option to purchase and download PDF Attachments 

Sprint 13

14/Jan/20 - 28/Jan/20
  • Mass messaging feature 
  • New subscribers mailing list for mass messages 
  • Ability to react on user posts
  • File attachments in messages 
  • Option to set price for file attachments
  • Private chat with admin for feedback and support requests

Sprint 12

10/Dec/19 - 14/Jan/20
  • New post feed 
  • Free and paid private messaging feature
  • Storing chat messages history 
  • System installation on client production server 
  • Option to start conversation from profile page 
  • Confirmation to unlink payment card

    Sprint 11

    26/Nov/19 - 10/Dec/19
    • Ability to edit account info (username, profile photo, background image, bio, location)
    • Sharing post feature 
    • Option to buy paid subscription to an account
    • Ability to lock paid content from non-subscribers 
    • Create default cover from first file preview 
    • Setting up optional title for content sets 

    Sprint 10

    12/Nov/19 - 26/Nov/19
    • Ability to follow and unfollow users
    • Setting up multi-level subscription pricing 
    • Content set subscription level selector in admin side
    • Setting up one-time price of content sets for non-subscribers
    • Ability to store payment card information for future purchases 
    • Add preview items for content sets 
    • Integration with NETbilling payment system